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I really liked part five!!! oh wait .............. its not out yet.

Wow thanks. I know I haven’t posted it but you don’t really know how busy I am at the moment, school just started and I’m in a lot of classes and school is about the half of my day, then I go to the gym right after school and come home for dinner, shower, go babysit or do homework or something I have to finish and the the clock is about midnight and then I need to go to sleep. And even better is that the internet in the computer doesn’t work and if I wrote it in my iPad/phone I will not be able to link the previous parts and it sucks. So please just be patient. I will post it tomorrow for sure. And it don’t know if you were trying to be rude or not but these kind of message to not motivate me to write another chapter. Thank you for reading and thank you for taking your time to leave this in my ask I appreciate it…….
I’m out

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So I really like this boy and he's really hot and I know a lot of people like him and any time he might be looking at me I think he's looking at my friend and I'm convinced he like my friend and that makes me wanna cry bc I'm so ugly and disgusting and I hate myself What should I do

Ugh I have been in this situation😔
First of all, you are beautiful, never doubt that about yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and unique. I bet you are gorgeous and if you can’t see that I will make my way to where you live and squeeze you (hug you) until you say that you are beautiful, deal? Deal.
Second of all, go get that boy. When he looks at you smile to him and see if he smiles back. Try to bump into him on the hallway and say ‘sorry’, just have hope. There is always a chance he likes YOU.
Third of all, don’t cry. I’m always here and life is so much worth than to cry. I love you, and go get that boys butt😉

I’m so frustrated right now. I was going to write part 5 but I don’t have access to a computer so I have to write it in my iPad but I can’t link the previous chapters and ughhhh, someone teach me😩

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I was reading your bio for your masterlist and I saw your a month clean I'm so proud of you and if you ever need anything I'm here for you :)

Thank you❤️ and I’m reaching two months :)